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Eye winker, Tom tinker

Eye winker is one of those short and simple and great little rhymes, which you can play with a baby from birth onwards. Touch each named part of baby's face as you say the rhyme. Say the rhyme over and over, alternating between touching baby's face, and touching the features of your own face. Take baby's hand and touch the features of your face with it, as baby gets older. By 18 months or before, baby will be touching her own features, copying you, or the movie as it plays.

Eye winker, Tom tinker Nose smeller Mouth eater Chin chopper chin chopper Chin

There are longer variants of the rhyme. I love the Scots one:

Brow brow brinkie, Ee ee winkie Nose nose nebbie Cheek cheek cherrie Mou mou merrie Chin chin chuckie Curry-wurry! Curry-wurry!


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