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Jelly on the plate

It's summer party season and we've had a run of birthday parties in the family. This old playground skipping song makes a great party song for knee-bouncing babies and little toddlers and for general leaping about excitedly for the bigger ones. They can wibble wobble, shake themselves, stamp out the 'fire' and blow out the candles on the cake. It's a very energetic knee-bouncer for the little ones, who love the wibble wobbles but who also enjoy the gentle ending, when you blow out the 'candles', aiming your puff at their hair. Kevin Graal performs it with sounds added by Stephen Chadwick and illustrations by Rachel Fuller.

Jelly on the plate Jelly on the plate Wibble wobble, wibble wobble Jelly on the plate

Biscuits in the tin Biscuits in the tin Shake them up, shake them up Biscuits in the tin

Fire on the floor Fire on the floor Stamp it out, stamp it out, Fire on the floor

Candles on the cake Candles on the cake Blow them out, blow them out Ffffff fffffff fffffff

words: traditional music and movie: © Playsongs Publications


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