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A little frog

It's spring time with this fingerplay teaser to surprise a little baby or toddler. Hide your thumb, the little frog, inside your fist. (Shhhh.) Pop up your thumb on 'OUT'!

A little frog lived in a hole, Softly softly softly, When all was quiet, as quiet could be, OUT popped he!

But it's also a whole body action game for a toddler or little child. Songs like 'See the little bunnies sleeping', and 'The dingle dangle scarecrow' are great favourites for the same reason ~ the wonderful change of mood and tempo from staying absolutely still, pretending to sleep, into leaping up to hop, dance and race around the space. Our little frog's rhyme is perfect because it's so short but you can prolong the anticipation with a 'shhhhhhhhhh' to make it even more exciting. Play the game together again and again until everyone is exhausted and ready to flop down for movie time.

Our little frog is one of the 72 action songs and rhymes in our original and best-selling collection, Playsongs

Stream all our Playsongs rhymes and songs here:

Kevin Graal is the vocalist and Stephen Chadwick created the soundtrack. Rachel Fuller made the illustrations. © Playsongs Publications Limited

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