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Chop chop chop

Autumn veggies make great stews, and chopping them up makes a lovely sound. This little rhyme has a chop chop chop beat.

Sit a little baby or a toddler on your knee. Pat pat pat the beat of the rhyme on their knees, or tap tap tap their feet together, so that they can really feel the beat physically.

Use a stick or wooden spoon to tap out the chopping beat on the floor or a tabletop. It's easier for a baby or toddler to tap with one spoon. When they're bigger, a pair of spoons can be tapped together.

Chop chop chop chop

Cut off the bottom and cut off the top,

All the rest goes into the pot,

Chop chop chop chop.

words: © Sheena Roberts, Playsongs Publications

Kevin Graal performs the rhyme, and his sing-song version of it gets turned into a great little melody by Stephen Chadwick. We made it into a movie, so when you're tired of all the veggie chopping, you can both sit back and watch the movie do the work for you.


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