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Here are the candles

Enjoy this tickle-puff rhyme to celebrate a birthday or to play on any day of the year. Wiggle your fingers for the candles. Tickle-puff your baby's hair or baby's fingers. Yum yum yum, rub baby's tum. Bigger babies and toddlers can hold up their own fingers for you to blow out.

Here are the candles Red, white and blue, To put on a birthday cake for you. Now take a deep breath ~ Get ready to blow:

Ffff ffff fffffff Out they go!

The rhyme comes from Playsongs. Stream the audio here:

All our Playsongs books contain interactive play ideas for all our songs and rhymes. Enjoy any day and every day. This one is performed by Kevin Graal with accompaniment by Stephen Chadwick. The illustrations are by Rachel Fuller.

© Playsongs Publications Ltd

(from Playsongs Action Songs and Rhymes for Babies and Toddlers ©Playsongs Publications)

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