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Give me a jiggle

Three great new Grand Playsongs titles are in production. Songs and rhymes are being recorded, illustrations being drawn, pages laid out.

Here's a preview of a Kaye Umansky rhyme from Grand Sleepover and a little peek at the cover by Rachel Fuller.

It's a high intensity rhyme, so on your marks!

- bounce and jiggle baby on your knee

- stand and swing baby up high,

- fly baby round in a circle,

- flop back down together and end with a cuddle and a butterfly kiss.

Don't know what a butterfly kiss is? It's the tiniest brush of a baby's cheek with her grand grownup's eyelash. That's a butterfly kiss.

Give me a jiggle

and make me giggle Give me a swing and make me sing Give me a whizzy and make me dizzy Give me a butterfly kiss ~ like this.

Words by Kaye Umansky ©2020

Illustration by Rachel Fuller ©2020


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