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My Great Gran's a Dancer

Here’s to the joy of moving to the sound of a tune, no matter whether you’re three or eighty-three.

Leon Rosselson wrote My Great Gran’s a Dancer for Playsongs Grand Exercise, and in doing so, he waltzed up the happily twirling image of a great gran and her great grandchild dancing together, hand in hand in the kitchen with the radio on.

“We laugh and we clap cos we’re having such fun, As we dance to the moon and

we dance to the sun.”

Leon is himself a great grandparent and has always made music. He recorded the song for us in mid-pandemic and mid-winter, when we were all wearing masks and staying indoors as much as possible. It was a time of separation for so many grandparents and their grandchildren. So it is a celebration of that time coming to an end and of coming together again.

Grand Exercise celebrates all kinds of moving and playing together from any age to any age.

Covid got in the way of us including Leon's own recording of his song in Grand Exercise. Stream the audio recorded by Nancy Kerr, which we released here (track 33):

But to hear Leon's recording, you'll have to email me.

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