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Pop pop pop ~ back to nursery

Our Early Years settings provide such an exciting and imaginative environment for our little ones. Thank you, all you hard working Early Years practitioners. You're great.

I grew up in a time and place of no early years provision. I went to school aged 5 and met plasticene and sand trays for the very first time. Sadly they were whisked away and replaced with sums and spelling after just a few short weeks. That wonderful world of play, which it seemed that school was promising me, just vanished.

In contrast, my little grandchildren have each had years of nursery time before all the sums and spelling, and they've loved it. So for all the little nursery babies, toddlers and little tots starting an exciting new day at nursery ~ or starting nursery for the very first time, here's a song to set you off on a day of play:

Pop pop pop go your poppers Zip zip zip go your zips,

With your hat on top and your boots below You can jump up and go go go!

Stream the song, track 26, here:

(words and music © Playsongs Publications Ltd)

With a teeny tiny baby, press your finger up their front on each 'pop'. 'Zip' your index finger up their middle, pat their head and tap their feet, then whisk them up into the air. For toddlers and little children, pop real poppers, and zip a real zipper. Change the words to suit their clothing and make the song your own.

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