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Whoopty doo

A joyful skip in the step with this little marching rhyme, makes any walk with a little one a bit of fun ~ and helps with making progress from A to B. Here we go!

Left, right, Left, right, Left, right, Whoopty doo!

Right, left, Right, left, Right, left, Whoopty doo!

Bigger toddlers and little children are intrigued and excited by the stepwork, which goes like this. March along, hand in hand ~ left right left right ~ then on 'Whoopty doo!' skip:


This lands you onto your other foot, and on you go without breaking rhythm, right left right left.

Little babes-in-arms, well supported of course, love the bounce of the skip in your feet and the sounds of the 'Whoopty dooooo!'.

Find the whole Medley of marching rhymes, of which Whoopty doo is one, in Playsongs Grand Day Out, track 8.

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