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Walk to the (Norwegian) woods

It's a good thing this little teddy has a furry coat and warm boots. Freezy feet are no fun ~ except when they're a Norwegian play rhyme for little babies and toddlers. Elise Albrektsen shared this little foot-walker rhyme with us. We've included it in our Playsongs Grand Exercise collection, but as that's coming out when the weather is warmer, we're sharing it now for a wintery UK. We've used Grieg's lovely 'Anitra's Dance' as an accompaniment. Elise gives us the rhyme in Norwegian first, then Debbie Sanders performs an English setting of it to Anitra's tune. Listen to it on our new web page: Listen > Grand Exercise.

But let's start with the play rhyme and its actions.

Sit with baby on your lap, facing outwards, and take an ankle in each of your hands; walk baby's feet up and down, marching off to the woods; cross his feet over each other for chopping logs; rub, rub, rub, rub rub baby's feet to warm them; 'run' them back as fast as you can; jump baby into the air, and down into a cuddle on your lap again:

Walk to the woods, Walk to the woods,

Chop some logs, Chop some logs,

Freezy feet, freezy feet, Freezy feet, freezy feet, Freezy feet, freezy feet,

Run run run run run run Run run run run run run Run run run run run ~


Words: traditional Norwegian (shared by Elise Albrektsen) English words: arranged by Helen MacGregor Music: Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) Arrangement: © 2020 Playsongs Publications Ltd

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