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Shoe a little horse

'Shoe a little horse' by Rachel Fuller

An ever so simple game for a tiny baby or a big galloping toddler.

Shoe a little horse, Shoe a little mare, But let the little colt go bare bare bare.

Tap the soles of your baby or toddler's feet as you say the rhyme. With a little baby, tap both soles at the the same time. With bigger babies and toddlers, tap alternate soles.

It's a gentle distraction for an unhappy baby at nappy changing times, or for a grumpy toddler sitting on your knee during a bus or train ride.

It's performed by Sandra Kerr and is one of the play rhymes in Sleepytime Playsongs, which was specially created for interactive play with babies from birth to age three.

Stream all the playrhymes and playsongs from Sleepytime Playsongs here.

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