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Wall walking with Miss Mary Mac

Miss Mary Mac leads the way in this confidence-building, balance-controlling, hand-holding, wall-walking bit of fun for outdoor expeditions with a toddler.

You'll find it along with all Miss Mary Mac's companions in  Playsongs Grand Day Out.

Our adaptation of this very old playground song, is included in Playsongs Grand Day Out, as it's perfect for a toddler on their first balancing expedition along a wall, holding your hand for security.

Sing it as your toddler climbs up steps, indoors and outside, or when they spot that enticing wall, running alongside the pavement at the perfect height. Wall-walking helps them develop their physical coordination and balance in a fun context. With confident walkers you can aim to match your singing to the same speed of their steps. At the end there’s a wonderful swoop down off the wall as you take your toddler in your arms and ‘fly’ them back to earth.

As your little one grows, they’ll enjoy joining in with the words as they recognise their pattern. Explore your own new words to fit the pattern and make the song your own.

Miss Mary Mac is performed by Kaye Umansky with Kevin Graal and Steve Grocott. The illustrations are by Rachel Fuller.

Playsongs Grand Day Out, songs and rhymes for active grandparenting, is full of shared outdoor fun to explore together.

Stream the audio (track 9) here: Buy the book+audio stream here and enjoy all the full colour illustrations, background information and lyrics as well as the audio.

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