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We're off to the shops

We're off to the shops Whatever the weather, A forward, back, And a side together, My hat, my coat, My collar, my cane, A one, a two ~ And AWAY down the lane!

This is another part of our Marching Medley from Playsongs Grand Day Out. All three parts are a boon for encouraging a toddler or small child to make a journey on foot from A to B.

Little children love the fancy footwork section, and toddlers love the airborne swoop of the last line with a grown up, one on each side, to take a hand and do the toddler swooping.

To perform the footwork, hold hands with your little child and start with a left-right-left-right march on the first two lines. On lines three and four, stop on the left foot forward, transfer your weight back onto the right foot, step your left foot out to the left and bring your right foot in to join it. On 'A one, a two', step forward again left-right and RUN!

If you do as suggested and take off at a run for the last line ~ 'and AWAY down the lane', you'll make great progress along the road together, as well as keeping pretty fit.

Find the whole of Marching Medley on Playsongs Grand Day Out track 8. The three parts are:

Whooptydoo We're off to the shops I got me a job

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