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We're off to the shops

The second instalment of Playsongs Grand Day Out is a trip to the shops ~ and isn't it a feat just to get out of the front door with a toddler in tow, never mind a baby as well.

These Grand Day Out songs and rhymes will get you all on the move.

Leon Rosselson sings his song, All by yourself ~ a bit of celebration and cajolery in one joyous little song.

One two on with your shoe has that forward momentum of all counting rhymes. And once you're out the door and away, Marching medley will keep you going. (My favourite bit of that is Whooptydoo with its clever little skip to the other marching foot.)

Where there are walls at anything like toddler height, they are there to be walked on. Miss Mary Mac provides some wall-walking fun. Then there's some shopping to do in the market with a twist in the old To market to market rhyme and a rejig of its verses to give us a dance and a strange list of purchases. But the best thing we didn't buy was a teddy we spotted in a shop window......

Stream all the new additions to our Playsongs Grand Day Out here. The book and CD (price £9.99) are coming soon and we will continue to upload the free audio streams of all the songs and rhymes as soon as they're ready.


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