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Conker rattle to make and play

Autumn time and there's a scramble to collect conkers - who'll get to them first? Squirrels or children? If you can find any left over, here's a little rattle to make.

What you need:

  • Conkers - we've used two but you can add more

  • Ribbon

  • Extra janglers - we've used these light, metal rivets

  • Stick for a handle

  • Embroidery needle with a big eye

  • Bradawl or phillips screwdriver (careful!)

Step 1

Pierce a hole through each conker. A phillips screwdriver works well for boring a hole wide enough to thread the ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the hole using the needle. Tie a hefty enough knot on the ribbon end to prevent the ribbon from slipping back through.

Step 2

Thread onto the ribbon any extra janglers you want to add. Secure the other ends of the ribbons to a strong stick to make a handle.

Step 3

Shake or tap your rattle to an autumnal tune - we've adapted Ten green bottles (see Play rhymes: Five brown conkers).

Special thanks to The Hub, Yeovil and their wonderful scrapstore for supplying the ribbons and metal rings.


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