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A clip clopping reuse for plastic!

Plastic. Big problem. We keenly appreciate just how big a problem, following David Attenborough's Blue Planet series.

Like everyone, I'm trying to reduce my use of plastic. But so many of our supermarket foods are wrapped or contained in it. So when you can't avoid buying those little pots of yoghurt, here's a good reuse for the plastic.

Barring coconut shells, those old favourites of the sound effects department, two plastic yoghurt pots are the best pony hoof 'clip cloppers you'll find. And for little ones, they are much easier to hold. So dig into the recycling bin and get yourselves some fun sounds to add to songs like:

Trot trot trot (listen to it in Sleepytime Playsongs audio downloads:

Tinga layo (listen to it in Playsongs audio downloads

Alice the camel (listen to it in Five Little Frogs audio downloads

I've got a little farmyard (listen to it in Livelytime Playsongs audio downloads

And here's a cooking rhyme with chopping sounds to make with your yoghurt pot clip clops - who says they can only be used for ponies (and camels):

Chop chop chop chop

Cut off the bottom and cut off the top All the rest goes into the pot, Chop chop choppity chop


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