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  • Sheena


Wet weather and the lovely sound of rain on the roofs and windows. You can make the rain sound yourself with a rainmaker. Here's a quick way to make a rainstick... The long way is to find a desert, pick a cactus, push the spines into the centre, wait for the whole thing to dry out, rattle it around a bit to loosen the seeds, and hey lento, you have a rainstick. Thank you Pringles.

What you need:

  • A cardboard tube - the longer the better and preferably with one closed end and a lid

  • Enough polystyrene chips to fill the tube almost to the brim

  • A good handful of rice

Step 1

Fill the tube with the chips and pour in the rice. Put on the lid.

Step 2

Test the rainmaker. Tip it to allow the rice to trickle down. You will find that slowly turning the tube in your hands while you tip it will improve the effect. You may need to add more rice or remove some polystyrene chips.

Step 3

When your rain sound is just right, seal both ends really really well with loads of sticky tape. Decorate the tube in any way you like (I'm sure yours will be a lot better than my attempt - I ran out of patience with cutting wavy lines of sticky back paper.)

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