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Speedy scrunchie bell rope

Ever made a bell rope? I spent hours one winter night threading bells onto wool, twisting the wool and making a rope of it. The first time I proudly used my bell rope in my baby music group, it tangled into a hopeless knot and has stayed that way ever since.

This is how to make a bell 'rope' without tangles, and a great scrunchie at the same time.

You will need:

6 charity shop men's ties – as many colours as you can find (these six were £2)

4m x 2cm elastic – £3 new from a haberdasher

6-10 sleigh bells – c£2.50 from haberdasher

needle and thread

Step 1: Thread the elastic through the ties – you might find a large safety pin helpful for guiding the elastic through. Make sure the fat ends of the ties face each other. Knot or sew the ends of the elastic together.

Step 2: Line up the the first pair of ties with one tie facing up and the other facing down so that they fit into each other's V. Sew the tie ends together, passing the thread only through one side, ie keeping the inside of the 'tube' open.

Sew each pair of tie ends together in the same way.

Step 3: Firmly sew the bells at intervals along your scrunchie.

Try out your scrunchie bell rope with the song Ring a ring a roses (track 2 in Livelytime Playsongs). All sit in a ring. Everyone holds up the bit of the scrunchie nearest them. Sing the song, keeping the beat, up and down with the scrunchie.


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