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Off to the market ~ traditional nursery rhyme for a knee ride

There are so many pony trotting knee-bouncers ~ This is the way the lady rides, Trot trot trot, Tinga layo, Jackass with him long tail, Father and Mother and Uncle Tom, Hop up my ladies, Horsey horsey don't you stop. Rather like songs about steam engines or clocks, they hark back to experiences and sounds which children nowadays don't have, and yet they still respond to the rhymes and songs with as much enjoyment as ever.

Tell us your favourite and try this very simple, very old traditional one.

Off to the market, Jenny went trot, Spilt all her buttermilk, every drop, Every drop and every dram, Jenny came home with an empty can.


How to play the game: bounce baby or toddler on your knee, or with one leg crossed over the other, hold her hands and bounce her on your ankle.


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