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An elephant goes like this like that

When baby Chiara learned to climb stairs ~ very steep stairs ~ everybody thought 'NO' - not without one of us behind you anyway. But baby, Chiara, just loved climbing those stairs - the joy of crawling, climbing and getting to the top. She'd head for them over and over again.

When I discovered for myself what it was like to climb stairs on hands and knees, after breaking a bone in my foot, I remembered it was HARD!

Hat's off, Chiara! My goodness you are strong. And fast! Go, Chiara, go!

Here's a rhyme from Playsongs to have fun crawling around the floor together. Follow baby on a crawl around the floor, being elephants together. Reach out your hand on the last line to tickle her. You can find it on the Playsongs Rhyme Time streaming page.

The elephant goes like this, like that, He's terribly big and he's terribly fat,

He has no fingers, he has no toes,

But goodness gracious what a nose!

Here's a song for fun with crawling upstairs together. It's one of my all-time favourites from the US tradition of children's songs - good for bedtimes with older ones as well.


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