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A Cockney rhyme and we're off!

Wakey wakey! Jump out of bed and go for a run with this little Cockney rhyming rhyme. Toddlers get moving, grownups get buggy-running.

Or if you really really just want to sit down for a moment, grownups, it works just as well for a baby on your lap or during a happy nappy change.

The illustration is by Bernard Cheese who created it in 1978 for a book cover I was working on. I hope his family won't mind it adding a lovely touch of cheer to this week's play rhyme.

Rub your eyes Mince pies,

Wash your face Boat race, Clean your teeth Hampstead Heath,

Brush your hair Barnet Fair, Hat on your head Loaf of bread, Stretch your arms Chalk farms Shake your legs Scotch eggs, On your toes Bromley by Bows,



(words ©2019 Playsongs Publications, illustration © 1978 The Estate of Bernard Cheese)


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