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Leg over leg as the dog went to Dover

This fine little leg-walker works both as a knee-rider and also as a puddle jumper for a rainy August walk.

Knee-rider: sit baby/toddler on your knee, facing outward and resting back between your arms. Take an ankle in each hand and to the beat of the rhyme, criss and cross baby's legs one over the other alternately. On 'Jump' raise baby high in the air, feet first, still holding her by the ankles and supporting her body between your arms - back down to your knee with a plonk and begin again.

Puddle-jumper: walk a bigger baby or toddler between two grown ups, each holding a hand. Leap them over any obstacle in the path, but especially the big puddles.

Leg over leg As the dog went to Dover When he came to a stile, JUMP he went over!

(traditional rhyme; movie by Playsongs Publications with Kevin Graal, voice, Rachel Fuller, illustrations, Stephen Chadwick, sound)


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