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The Sweet Potatoes song

Baby's teatime. Feeding baby with a spoon

Here's a song to sing up some teatime excitement and encouragement to eat up all that nourishing food you’ve made.

Make your own verses from what’s on baby’s menu. The Sweet Potatoes song lends itself to that and we've added bananas and apples to our version. Find the song in Livelytime Playsongs, track 21. It’s also a fine little dancer for a babe in arms.

It's sung here by Janet Russell and Leon Rosselson with Sandra Kerr on concertina.

Soon as we all cook sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, Soon as we all cook sweet potatoes, eat them right straight up!

Soon as we all skin a banana…

Soon as we all slice up an apple…

(words and melody traditional, with extra verses added by Playsongs)

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